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Why The Hamlets Pop-Up Cinema “must continue” – the view from the volunteers

Cherifa has been volunteering on The Hamlets since its inception in Autumn 2017. She lives in the borough and works in Bethnal Green. It was her line director who told her about The Hamlets. She tells us how and why she got involved, and what she’s gained from the experience:
“She [my director] knows I am into films screening, as she and I have been screening films in our [women’s] centre. She rightly thought that it was the perfect training opportunity [for me]
“When I joined, I was expecting to learn how to run a community cinema, without infringing the law as in regard to the need to request licence, and other technical things. 
“The experience was amazing. I was exposed to a certain extent to the ‘cinema world’, [that this] the programming, marketing, ticketing, looking for different venues, screening in different venues, building an audience, and the importance of building a relationship with them.”
On meeting fellow trainees, Cherifa said: “I’ve met some great people, from diffe…